Planning, delivery, and installation of new laboratories 

Mechanical Measurements Lab

· Fundamentals of Temperature Measurement

· Fundamentals of Pressure Measurement

· Methods of Flow Measurement

· Air temperature/humidity, airspeed, airflow, and pressure meter

·  Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger (cross-flow operation)

· Tubular Heat Exchanger

· Radial and linear heat conduction

· Heat Conduction and Convection

· Free and Forced Convection

· Heat Conduction in Fluids (Unsteady state heat transfer)

Electrical Measurements Lab

· Voltage Measurement

· Current Measurement

· Power Measurement

· Power factor Measurement

· Frequency Measurement

· Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance Measurement

· Temperature Measurement

·Torque Measurement

· Pressure Measurement

· Force Measurement

· Displacement Measurement

· Angle Measurement

· Speed Measurement

Power Electronics Lab

· Design and operation of single-phase and three-phase rectifiers

· Operating characteristics of uncontrolled, semi-controlled and fully controlled static converter circuits

· Power semiconductors and their control

· Power electronics measurement variables

· Measurement and analysis of static converter circuit power

·  Analysis of current, voltage and power using fast Fourier transform analysis (FFT)

· PWM for generating variable DC and AC voltages

· Recording control and operating characteristics

· Design and operation of three-phase AC inverters

· Block commutation, sinusoidal, super-sine and space vector modulation for the generation of voltage- and frequency-variable voltages

· Instrumentation-based analysis of various modulation methods based on signal characteristic measurements  and fast Fourier transform analysis (FFT)

Automatic Control Lab

· Introduction to closed-loop control

· DC Servo

·  Programmable logic control PLC with applications

· Level Control

· Flow Control

· Pressure Control

· Temperature Control

· Speed Control

· Position Control