From :Saturday 26th November 2022
To :Sunday 27th November 2022

Launching the first international engineering conference for research and innovation for the Faculty of Engineering, Delta University for Science and Technology
Today, Saturday, corresponding to 26/11/2022, the activities of the first day of the first international engineering conference for research and innovation of the Faculty of Engineering, Delta University for Science and Technology, were launched at the Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel in Cairo, under the auspices of Dr. Mohamed Rabih Nasser – Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Delta University, Prof. Dr. Yahya Abdel-Azim Al-Mashad – President of Delta University, Eng. Osama Mohamed Rabie – Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Delta University, Eng. Mohamed Mohamed Rabie – Executive Director of Delta Educational Group, Prof. Dr. Sayed Abul-Saud Ward – Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Delta University, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ayman Ashour – Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Lieutenant General Kamel Al-Wazir – Minister of Transport, Dr. Mohamed Shaker Al-Marqabi – Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Eng. Ahmed Samir – Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Manal Awad – Governor of Damietta, Dr. Ayman Mukhtar – Governor of Dakahlia
In the presence of Lieutenant General / Kamel Al-Wazir – Minister of Transport, Prof. Dr. / Moufid Shehab – Advisor to the President of the Republic for Parliaments and former Minister of Higher Education, Major General / Fawzi Ibrahim – Deputy Minister of Military Production and Dean of the Egyptian Academy for Engineering and Advanced Technology, Major General / Ihab Al-Fayoumi – Dean of the Faculty Air Defense, Eng. Tariq Al-Nabarawy – General Captain of Engineers, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr – Former Minister of Local Development, Prof. Dr. Mansour Kabbash – President of Sphinx University, Prof. Dr. Mansour Al Mansi – Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education, Sphinx University, Prof. Dr. Obada Sarhan – President of the University of the Future, Prof. Refaat Fayyad – Journalist and Editor-in-Chief of Al-Akhbar Newspaper, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shattar – CEO of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, Prof. Dr. Johansen Eid – Chairman of the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Izani – President of the Open University of Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Hisham Khalil – Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Plymouth, Prof. Dr. Hisham Al-Qadi – Executive Dean of the University of Salford, UK, Prof. Dr. Bogdan Gita – International Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Plymouth, Prof. Dr. Antal Peter – Institute of Digital Technology, Eszterházy Károly University, Hungary
The conference came in line with the strategic plan for sustainable development and Egypt’s Vision 2030, as the conference axes are mainly concerned with interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary specializations.
The activities of the conference began with a speech by Prof. Dr. Sayed Abu Al-Saud Ward, who started his speech by welcoming the attendees, and indicated that the conference includes 112 research participants, 96 Arab research participants from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Algeria, and 16 foreign research participants from different nationalities, namely Russia and Britain. , Malaysia, Hungary, India, Indonesia and Slovakia, and added that the percentage of accepted research is 76%, while the percentage of rejected research is 24% of the submitted research.
Ward emphasized that the objectives of the conference and its themes are in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030, as the conference themes include nanoengineering and new and renewable energies, desalination and management of water resources, smart electrical systems and mechatronics, smart architecture and green cities, artificial intelligence, information technology and machine learning, control systems, robotics and the Internet of things, as well as integration. between engineering, management and healthcare.
Then came the speech of Prof. Dr. Yahya Al-Mashad, who emphasized that the conference aims to exchange knowledge and visions in engineering, highlight interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary disciplines, and pay attention to new disciplines such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the field of medical engineering.
Al-Mashad pointed out that Delta University is interested in scientific research, as the number of research papers published annually in international scientific journals has become more than 500.
He concluded his speech that the university is interested in achieving the goals of sustainable development, as Delta University ranks first among Egyptian universities in achieving standards in terms of providing safe drinking water and sanitation, providing clean energy, and finally good health.
Followed by the speech of Dr. Mohamed Rabih Nasser, stressing that the conference is the beginning of the road to linking theory with practice. He also saluted the political leadership represented by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, adding that 22% of the work is based on scientific research and innovation, and emphasized the launch of President El-Sisi’s saying (launch The Egyptians’ hand towards development, technological progress and scientific development), and pointed out that the conference research was a direct result of what is unique to Delta University in terms of partnerships and joint cooperation with foreign universities in scientific research and double degrees in interdisciplinary and intercontinental majors, where there are joint cooperation protocols with universities Plymouth, Salford and Canterbury in the United Kingdom, as well as the University of Applied Sciences in Hungary, the University of Technology in Slovakia, UCSI and OUM Malaysian universities, as well as mutual recognition in education quality systems between Egypt and Malaysia, as well as several Indian universities and institutes of technology.
Then came the speech of Lieutenant General / Kamel Al-Wazir, where he stressed the need to link reality to theory, and His Excellency reviewed a number of infrastructure projects, land and sea transport projects, and the Egyptian government’s interest in establishing roads, bridges and railways in 6 main sectors of the Ministry of Transport according to a directed strategic plan and a timeline that has been developed and is underway. Implement it perfectly.
The conference activities included a set of main sessions specialized in several areas, including water desalination, water resources in Egypt, the use of robots in the medical field, as well as architecture systems.

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